Tuesday, February 12, 2008

White Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

I love hazelnuts. Hazelnuts , Filberts, whatever you want to call them. I love them. I always thought that was a pretty normal relationship to have with hazelnuts. I mean seriously, they are the most tasty and delicious. My love for them started around 2001 when Katie and I and some other people went to Italy and we were introduced to Baci the tastiest hazelnut candy on the planet. Now of course, they are available just about anywhere, including Wal-Mart. Although that diminishes their allure, it doesn't diminish their freaking tastiness.

These cookies = not as tasty. I don't like white chocolate. But it seems to me that lots of other (insane) people do. I also discovered that these people are additionally insane because they enjoy the white chocoalte, but not the delish stylings and nutty delight that filberts embody. Silly people. Next time I won't waste my filberts on you!

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