Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cinnamon Rolls

Yes, I know, I am lame. L-A-M-E. I haven't posted anything in 2 weeks, even though I have done some baking. Please allow me to make it up to you by showing you these:

That's right -- tasty cinnamon rolls just waiting to rise to their full potential (ha!). I made these for my super-awesome roommate for Valentine's Day. I was trying to be quiet while I made these the night before so I could surprise him, so I stirred everything by hand with my trusty wooden spoon. I guess you could use a Kitchen Aid stand mixer if you had one (ahem, Xian), but wooden spoons will give you bigger guns. I refrigerated the rolls after their first rise, so I had to wait longer for them to rise the second time around. I read about a neat trick that seemed to speed it up, though. If you microwave a cup of water for a few minutes, and then put your bowl o' dough in (microwave turned off, of course), the warm humid air will make the dough rise faster. After baking, they should look something like this:

Then comes the best part -- cream cheese icing! I used leftover icing from the Guinness cupcakes, and they turned out beautifully!

I got the recipe from blogger Orangette's column in Bon Appetit. It was well worth the cover price! The recipe made about 20 rolls. After Dan and I ate a few in the morning, I took some to school to share with friends. I was still eating them for a few days afterwards. It was nice to wake up every morning to warm cinnamon rolls (after some time in the microwave, anyway). I'm pretty sure I ended up eating more of them than Dan did, but I'm ok with that.

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