Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Meringue: Semi-Fail

As I posted awhile ago, my first attempt at meringue was a complete failure. It resulted in a giant bowl of meringue, err... egg white and sugar, soup. (Which I then tried to bake to see what would happen. Nasty. Nasty rotten egg smell. That is what would happen. Let me save you the trouble of finding out.)
Fast forward about a month to me with a stand mixer and another attempt was fated to happen.
My second attempt at meringue resulted in slightly more meringue like results, and the smell wasn't nearly as heinous.

Berry blue kisses. They were berry blue and they were sorta in kiss shape. The recipe called for them to bake at 250 for 25 minutes and then sit in the closed oven for an additional 20. That seemed like too short of a time to me, but what do I know. I make meringue soup. So I went along with things. Resulting in kisses that look like kisses, but fell flat on the inside. so they really are light and fluffy...more so than usual what with the gaping hole in the middle and all.

I will prevail. Just not right now.


Jillian said...

So I read somewhere that stand mixers aren't always great at making meringue because they don't really pick up all the egg white at the bottom of the bowl, so you're left with a pool of runny egg whites. It may have had something to do with it, but at least they look a lot prettier than last time!

And I'm still jealous of your new toy! I may have to come play with it soon :-)

Sara said...

even though you haven't posted it, i am still going to comment. the second cookie that barb picked is fantastic. the mound of coconut goodness has made me sick with euphoria. love it. the end.

Evan said...

Looks good, and a lot like divinity (subtle hint).