Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chocolate Pecan Thumbprints

These were another request from work. This particular cookie was a selection of Barb, aka Mom #2.

The actual recipe yield was 1 1/2 dozen. Who makes just 18 cookies for something? Who I ask? I was anticipating some recipe shrinkage because, lets face it, how often is the yield actually what you end up with. I doubled the recipe. Then I was pleasantly surprised because I actually ended up with 3 dozen plus TWO!

So let me tell you a story about hot chocolate and zip lock baggies. I'd finished the cookies. They were cooled. I had melted the chocolate for the centers. Stirred it up so it was nice and smooth. Let it cool a bit. Then I decided I didn't want to waste a decorating bag on such a small amount. I would just use two ziplock baggies and cut off the tip. Great plan! I had used it before. Not an issue. Wrong. Apparently the chocolate was still a tad bit warmer than I thought. Half way through the filling of the cookies *SPLOOSH* chocolate explosion all over several of the cookies and back to the chocolate melting for me. Needless to say the people that ended up with the overly chocolate laced cookies weren't complaining much. But it was a tad disgusting.

The worst of it was trying to keep Wheezy away from the chocolate that landed on the floor post explosion.

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Sara said...

these are delicious. i love the pecan decadence. :)