Tuesday, February 5, 2008

King Cake - Cupcakes!

So I wanted to make a King Cake for Fat Tuesday...alas...I've never made anything that requires yeast successfully. (I admit I haven't tried since my freshman year of high school.) Also, I lack anything mixer/breadmaker capable of mixing the dough. I went the lame easy route instead and made King Cupcakes!
They are the magnaolia vanilla cupcake recipe from http://neverbashfulwithbutter.blogspot.com filled with a cinammon pecan filling... topped with a tangy buttercream icing recipe...and a baby!

I thought they were pretty tasty cold, but I have my doubts that anyone around these parts will enjoy them.


Robin said...

Right! That's why people are gobbling them down!

Robin said...

Let's not forget the one lady at bowling who took FIVE of them!!!!