Thursday, February 28, 2008

Vegan Orange Cookies

These are not the tastiest things on the planet, but they are cute, they are low-fat, and they are vegan.
Originally the recipe was for spritz cookies, a.k.a. cookies you make using a cookie press. That did not really happen For reasons unknown to myself, the cookie dough was entirely too thick and even after being thinned down a bit did not even look like something that could remotely work in the cookie press. There went my idea for pretty orange butterflies.
On the bright side, they do not taste disgusting considering they are a cookie that lacks all the things that usually make a cookie delicious. Also, I got to try out my powdered food coloring again. Red and yellow make orange. It worked here too! Also, note the delightful colored sprinkles, courtesy of Jillian for my birthday last year. Woo. Adorable.
Overall: not a complete waste of time.


Jillian said...

Yay for pretty rainbow sprinkles!

Did the cookies just have orange extract, or did they have zest, too? I love citrus zest! :-)

Robin said...

*** Three Cookies

Actually, I thought they were pretty tasty - went really fast that's for sure. All that orangie goodness.

Xian said...

orange extract, orange zest and orange JUICE!