Monday, February 4, 2008

Superbowl Sunday Baking

So I went to Jungle Jim's on Saturday and after several laps of the store managed to find most of the spices and such that I wanted to start trying to make some less common cookies. Saturday also involved "helping" Katie, who needs no help from me in the kitchen, bake a cake for her brother's birthday. Paula Deen's Strawberry cake. I don't know how it ended up, because we ended up finishing the actual cake around midnight, but it smelled yummy and the strawberries were freaking delicious.
Anyway, Sunday I decided to forgo trying any of the recipes that I want to try, but am pretty sure no one will eat for something that it turned out no one but my grandmother liked anyway.

Ginger creams...Fluffy ginger, cinnamon and clove cookies iced with a tart-ish lemon icing. Personally, I think the icing was the best part of the cookie. I sent these home with grandma. They will probably be the first cookie to survive her sons, since none of them liked them.

Sunday night, pre-Superbowl

Almond Toffee Sandies. Not nearly as tasty as the sandies with pecans and in my opinion, they turned out to be a waste of almonds.

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Robin said...

*** 1/2 Cookies

These were pretty darn tasty! Almonds and toffee mix pretty well together - nary a cookie was left in the place.