Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pretty in Pink! and Chocolate!

So...I made some Amish Sugar Cookies Monday night. I am not entirely sure what was "Amish" about them. They were kind of shortbread-esque which was far superior to my previous sugar cookies. However, these could never be used for cut-out purposes. I was not really looking for another sugar cookie this week, but I had a bunch of icing left over from Jillian's cupcakes. Almond buttercream tastiness.

Essentially, I forgot to take a picture of the pretty pink sugar cookies at home with them still on the baking sheet. I improvised today when there was one left. I promised ET that I would not put this photo on some weird website. So we can look at this one of two ways. Either A.) I do not consider Jillian and myself weird or B.) I am a dirty rotten liar. Anyone who knows me or Jill would probably opt for B. (Not because we/me are patently liars, but because we are patently weird.

Last night I made some Triple Chocolate Brownie Cookies. Wooo. Chocolate. Chocolate dough: two types of chocolate. Chocolate chips: two kinds of chips. Chocolate drizzle. = Chocolatey. They are pretty. I like the drizzle.

In other news: SNOW! Lots of SNOW! Actually, not really. I just was not prepared for the wintery goodness that greeted me this morning. It did not hamper travel. Just made my pants wet. I love. love. love dusting snow of of my car. It is all so pretty. I hate. hate. hate. scraping ice. Light and fluffy snow though is difficult to get upset at, even when it does make your jeans wet for five hours and impede your driving via incredibly SLOW people driving five m.p.h. down a hill, with their brakes on the entire time, with one of their brake lights out, on a rental car like some demented rear cyclops terrified of breaking the snail barrier.

Also, I have made some lame-o cookies lately. I think I am going to tackle Springerle tonight, but those will not be ready for awhile. Maybe it is time for some of the cookies from Global Cookies.
This is Jack, he did not want to pose with the cookies and he did not want to eat a cookie either. Shame. Shame.


Sara said...

those chocolate cookies are super chocolatey. they were good, and they would be awesome if i were a chocolate lover. :)

Robin said...

Yummy........ but in the microwave for 5 seconds and let them melt in your mouth....