Sunday, February 24, 2008

Valentine's Day Sugar Cookies Part II

I also decided to make some sugar cookies for Valentine's Day. I finally got to use some of the cookie cutters I got from Xian for Xmas! Holly gave me a super tasty recipe for thick, soft, grocery store style cookies. I know that sounds bad, but they were quite tasty. Actually, I had issues with about half of the cookies. They looked done when I took them out of the oven, and they had been in for the recommended time, and they were even brown on the bottom, but apparently they weren't cooked all the way through. About 20 minutes after I had taken them out, they started to fall, and I noticed they were still raw in the middle. I tried to save them, but it just didn't work. I think I was able to keep about half of the cookies, mostly the little ones. I probably had about 3 dozen.

After getting frustrated with the cookies, I didn't feel much like being creative. So I only frosted and sprinkled the remaining ones, nothing too exciting. They were still tasty. I took some to school and my students enjoyed them. My friends enjoyed the "I 'heart' PDE" cookies as well, although no one ate them (lack of frosting, I'm sure). I figured since I didn't have a real valentine, and I had to spend my V-Day evening in my Partial Differential Equations class, then I might as well make a cookie for it. That's right, Math is my hot, hot sex. And yes, I am a huge nerd.

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