Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lucky Charms Muffins...not so lucky

During my perusal of several food blogs I came across a recipe for Lucky Charms Muffins/Cupcakes. Wow. Cute. Adorable. I love Lucky Charms! Were all thoughts I had while reading the recipe and post. Those were quickly followed by. I'd love to try those, but there is NO way I am digging out all those little marshmallows. I'd just end up eating them as I went along. Then, less than 24 hours later I was at a local bulk foods store, Pat's Bulk Food. (An original name, I know. But she carries a lot of stuff in bulk and occassionally for less money than you can get them at a grocery store. Plus, I prefer supporting someone that is local if possible.) There, on the shelf at Pat's, which I have been to many times, I found something I had never seen there before. A bag full of the colorful shaped marshmallows, just like they have in the cereal! Woo! I can make Lucky Charms cupcakes without manhandling all of that cereal!

Dehydrated marshmallow bits! An unwieldy and unattractive name to cover all of that deliciousness!
I thought the batter was a little off and that there didn't seem to be quite the sugar ratio I associate with tasty baked goods. But I rationalized that the marshmallow bits are pretty dang sweet on their own.
Oh dear. Don't you hate it when I rationalize?
Because when I do, I end up with Lucky Charms Muffins...and I mean MUFFINS. Nothing remotely resembling cupcakes.

Seriously. Katie, my baking assistant that night and all-around fabulous person, and I didn't even bother coming up with icing. Icing could not help. No matter what type we would have used. Jiffy cornbread is far sweeter than these. The only hope for them might be adding some butter and chili or bean soup.
We also tried amping up the marshmallow content...and that was a no go as well.

Overall, cute and an adorable idea, but now I have to find something to do with these other than feed birds and wait for them to poop blue and green and pink on the cars that are always parked in our lot. If I ever purchase additional dehydrated marshmallow bits (I gave the rest to Katie in a fit of depression over the sad sad muffins) I will def. attempt it with a more cupcake-esque recipe.

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Katie said...

I will have to find out if they got eaten, I gave them to my brother. I think you should make up your own cupcake recipe using these. You can do it! you're a baking master now.