Saturday, March 15, 2008

Baking for Bowling

So Robin bowls. Tuesdays and occassionally on the weekends, like this weekend when she was bowling in the City Tournament. Apparently they have a bake sale then too. I was roped into baking.

Cranberry Chocolate Chip. I had made these before. They were alright then. They were alright now. Nothing spectacular, but mom wanted them too.

Snickerdoodles. They were poofy. Dang poofy. I don't like poofy doodles. Just so you know. It didn't seem worth taking a picture of the exact same cookies I have made over nine batches of since January.

Butterscotch Brickle Cookies
These were pretty good overall. They ended up being huge. They were a refrigerator cookie out of the Taste of Home Cookie Book. I added some butterscotch chips to the pecans and heath brickle to half of the dough. They made them infinitely better. The chips seemed to keep the cookies softer after baking.

Cream Cheese Brownies.
Eh. Just Eh. Another recipe from the Taste of Home Cookie Book. (Obviously a misnomer, since these were not, in fact, cookies.) I also tried baking these in the microwave/half-time/convection oven. Not a good idea. The outer brownies were completely done and burning while the center was still gooey and jiggling arond uncontrollably. It wan't pretty. Neither is this picture of the remaining center brownies that I refused to give to the bake sale.

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