Sunday, March 9, 2008

Allen's Cookies

So, in case Laura's cookies didn't tip you off, Jill and I made a pit stop in Chicago on our way to visit Evan in Iowa. This pit stop included Ms. Laura Beth and of course the ever fabulous Allen. Both of them would have committed violence if we hadn't brought baked goods. Laura got her white chocolate macadamia nut cookies and Allen got a bunch of different things. Jilly made him several items, which I'm sure she will post soon, or attach here. I made him the cutest cookies on the face of the planet, with the least taste imaginable. They were bland but they were adorable. And let's face it, who cares about substance anyway? (KIDDING)

See? Adorable?

I also re-visited the orange/chocolate shortbread cookies for Al, who has been harassing me about them for awhile. I tried making them larger, but I think next time I will stick with the tiny bite size cookies, they are more sturdy and don't crumble as much.

See? Tasty?

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Robin said...

Orange/Chocolate Cookies.... still one of my favorites