Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Root Beer Float Cupcakes

I've done root beer float cookies...they were one of the first things I posted on here. Late last week I decided to attempt, at the prompting of Patti, root beer float cupcakes. The original recipe came from Yum SuugarFAIL! They exploded. It was hysterical. I'm not sure what was off with the recipe or me, but I thought they looked a tad runny...and 'lo and behold they were. Those tiny little freaks bubbles up all out of their mini-cupcake pans and went everywhere! Jerks! So I threw them away and moved on for a couple days. Last night I attacked them again, and added an additional cup of flour. The recipe also claimed that you should fill them almost to the top so they will puff up appropriately. Round these parts, filling the liners to the top results in a mess...I put about a tablespoon and a half of batter in each cup and they came out just to the top and rounded. The finals worked out pretty well all things considered.

The batter had quite a bit of root beer in it but by the time you baked them the taste had pretty much baked right out. After baking I spooned root beer over top of the cakes and then dipped the cool cupcakes into a root beer flavored glaze. Then topped with a marshmallow vanilla frosting that I already had made up. (At 11 p.m. I was getting lazy and I needed to free up some refrigerator space for food stuffs other than extra icing.)

Overall, not bad, but next time I'll probably stick to using root beer extract instead of regular root beer.


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Was it Mug root beer or Barqs? Wonder if that would change the taste considerably. Barqs always has a more acidic taste, while Mug root beer always taste flat to me. I guess I have no opinion on A&W. Barqs has a higher sugar content. 41g!