Sunday, April 20, 2008

High Five Cupcakes Part 2 -- Lime Coconut

The second batch of cupcakes I made for NH5D were Lime Coconut. Dan was looking over my shoulder while I was browsing Coconut & Lime and saw a recipe for Lime Coconut cupcakes and forced me to make them. Seeing that he had just bought a bag of key limes that needed to get used, he didn't have to try too hard :-)

These cupcakes were nothing short of amazing. I seriously could not stop eating them. The cakes were nice and fluffy with a light lime flavor, but the icing really packed a punch of lime flavor. And the coconut... oh, the coconut! I'm tired of people talking smack about coconut, I love the stuff! Especially on cupcakes, yum! Originally I was just going to put some coconut on the edges of the cakes, but I decided instead to just dip them in it completely. I'm glad I did because the coconut really made these awesome! So boo on you non-coconut people! (ahem, Xian)


DrLash said...

The sweet taste of coconut and lime really diddled my skittle! Yum.

Xian said...

Boo. Coconut. Smack. Talk. Smack. Coconut is nasty. Bleck. Bleck. Bleck. Stringy nasty tasting stuff! A waste of flour and icing and time and High Five Day!

Now strawberry lime cupcakes, those sound freaking delicious! Heck, raspberry lime, blackberry lime...all sound amazing.