Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Orange Dream Cupcakes

I heart orange. This comes as a surprise to no one. Especially not Rich or Jeanna or Jill or Heather or anyone else that was around during the great orange attack at u of i. There wasn't much great about it other than the fact that I thieved a bunch of oranges from food services ate them all...then went and stole an orange from Rich...then later on harassed Jeanna for hers too. I made myself a little sick. Citrus overload. But I still love orange.

These are very orange. I came across an orange creamsicle cupake recipe at 52 Cupcakes. I went with that "recipe" for the cake. A box of Duncan Hines Orange Supreme cake mix plus a box of vanilla pudding. (Incidently I didn't know an orange supreme cake mix existed prior to this little adventure.) I didn't like the seven minute frosting idea though so I went with an extra creamy version of the magnolia buttercream. Bright blue buttercream of course, I can't leave anything alone.
The cake mix was a little bit too orangey for a creamsicle by itself, but combined with the very vanilla icing it really did taste very similar.


Anonymous said...

They remind me of the orange push ups I had has a kid. Very good, went well with the icing, very moist, really enjoy the bite size ones. You don't feel like you are cheating if you are watching your weight and still satisfy your sweet craving.
Keep up the good work.

Allen said...

A. I love orange juice (and oranges)
B. I love the color blue
C. what would this be like as a cookie...hmm? the possibilities...
D. Another Yum adventure.

Robin said...

Tasty, tasty.... for some reason the itty bitty ones were scrumptious, just a little bite of orange.