Friday, April 4, 2008

Jello Cupcakes?

Mom #2 had been talking about her love of the jello cake for a long time when I ran across this at All Things Edible. Now the whold point of my recent baking adventures is to bake things from scratch...and these cupcakes are as far from "scratch" as one can get...Virtually everything in them comes pre-packaged in some way.

My particular flavor combination ended up being a lemon cake with raspberry jello drizzled into it and topped with a raspberry white chocolate whipped topping. Also, the whole thing with using the foil cups stopping the jello from leaking out...LIES! The wrappers were covered in jello, and that was with me putting in less than the two tablespoons recommended from the recipe. People ate them. They were a funny kind of adventure and much tastier than the splenda cupcakes I made yesterday. (I may post about those little bits of Satan soon.)

If I ever make them again I would probably double up the liners and not use lemon cake, at least not from a mix. That stuff is just not for me.

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Jillian said...

I wanna hear about the little bits of Satan!