Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Weekend Baking

Jillian working hard on the indoor smores.

Baking bacon! The beginning of the Bacon Street Bars!

I'm not sure exactly what she was trying to convey with that look...I'll leave it for you to decide.

The melding of the chocolate and the bacon!

In case you can't tell from our expressions, I think we need a little work in the chocolate bacon realm.

This guy...this guy on the Honey Graham Box, the one that looks a little bit like Draco Malfoy? He was looking at me funny. I didn't like it. Creepy little freak.

Jillian, friend that she is, took him out for me with one of her Christmas knives...personally I think she was a little too aggressive with the stabbing...but he deserved it.

Indoor smores are oh, so tasty. PFS couldn't hold a candle to these chewy dears.

Orange slice cookies. Made with only the finest CVS orange slices. Diligently hacked into tiny pieces by me.

We might have made some other things too, but, to be honest, we took a little break and that break turned into watching the movie Stardust, which we both highly recommend. It was much more entertaining than anticipated.

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Allen said...

Ok! so, the indoor smores were probably my least favorite thing. i thought they were tasty but not something i would request often. The cookies with orange slices were surprisingly GOOD! i didnt think i would care for them but they were AWESOME! yum! really good when warm! Also, despite the facial expression from these two silly ladies, the chocolate with bacon inside was YUM! YUM I SAY! i think it was because i got it a few days after. They must get better as the days go by! YES! cant wait to hear others opinions!